Tiny, Yet Mighty!

Handcrafted with care. Designed to complement the majority of incense sticks, in celebration of the beauty found in imperfection

Editors' Picks of the Month

$59.90 SGD

An aromatic trio, comprising three distinctive incense formulations in tribute to the three Japanese-native trees — Hinoki, Keyaki, and Kusunoki. Each formulation contains appro...

$39.90 SGD

A pure and minimalist incense, featuring the singular fragrant note of Japanese Cedar, also known as Sugi, exclusive to the Nikko Region: woody, damp, untamed, with occasional b...

$34.90 SGD

A potent and expansive blend that unfolds gently in the air, featuring complex notes of Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Cinnamon, among others.