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A Medicinal Influence

Founded over 200 years ago as a traditional pharmacy in Japan, Yamadamatsu soon ventured into the business of processing incense materials, many of which contained medicinal elements. As their passion deepened, they began developing their unique incense recipes, which have then been handed down through generations. Today, Yamadamatsu’s diverse lineup of incense tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and innovation. From the gentle Karaku line to the intellectually-stimulating Rakuen series, each creation offers an immediate pleasure to the senses and a path to the profound world of incense appreciation.

Editor's Note:

"Yamadamatsu, with their roots in the trade of medicines and incense ingredients, employs some of the finest selections of natural woods and aromatic raw materials in their exclusive blends, making almost every creation a timeless masterpiece."

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