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For over 100 years, Kunjudo has been a pioneer in the art of incense-making. Kunjudo’s fascination with the boundless potential of fragrance has long served as a guiding principle since their founding, inspiring experimental creations that transcend familiar mediums. From the world’s first "reduced-smoke incense” in 1975, to inventing unconventional incense forms such as Washi Incense Paper, Kunjudo persistently explores alternative techniques to fragrance creation. With a collaborative spirit that greatly values customer feedback, Kunjudo continuously refines its offerings, unveiling unexpected aromatic encounters that blaze a trail towards the future.

Editor's Note:

"Revolutionary and unexpected. Kunjudo's appeal goes far beyond the widely-recognised aroma of its signature Karin to other under-the-radar creations, redefining the ways in which one can indulge in the pleasures of good fragrances."

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