Master of Awaji

A Healing Arrangement

Situated in the heart of Awaji Island, the birthplace of Japanese incense, Shorindo skillfully infuses traditional sandalwood and agarwood bases with novel natural ingredients like tea, herbs, and spices, to create modern aromatic experiences that are believed to gently heal the mind and body. With a small, yet exceptional range of offerings, from the ever-popular Chabana (Tea Flower) line to the calming Harmony collection, Shorindo's olfactory palette weaves together herbaceous and floral blends, often characterised by their refined bouquet and minimal smoke output, allowing a delicate yet discernible trail of fragrances.

Editor's Note:

"A blend of science and art. Shorindo takes into account both functional therapeutic intentions and aesthetic consideration, making every creation a thoughtful melange that quietly heals while awakening the senses."

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