Three centuries of olfactory elegance

Since 1705

Over 300 years ago, the Hata family of Kyoto first found their own method of incense making, inspired by the closely guarded recipes of the Imperial Palace. Today, Shoyeido upholds this legacy by offering some of the world's finest incense that intricately blends the past and the present. From the inviting Horin series, perfect for those new to the world of incense, to the refined indulgence of the Premium range, Shoyeido's incense is a timeless way to enhance any atmosphere.

Editor's Note:

"A compelling fusion of contemporary design and heritage! Shoyeido's creations, with its warm aromatic profile atop a creamy Sandalwood base or a nuanced Agarwood accent, often feel like a playful breath of fresh air that carries with it the unmistakable trail of a long-standing foundation in incense making techniques."

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