Pride of Nikko

The Gift of Sugi

Nestled deep within the enchanting city of Nikko, renowned for its sacred shrines, natural hot springs, and lush Cedar forests (known as Sugi), lies a humble yet charming incense house - Hattando. Hattando's method employed in the early days involves collecting cedar leaves from the mountains of Nikko and using traditional waterwheel techniques to grind them into cedar powder, which forms the base of their natural incense. Over the course of seven decades, Hattando has now perfected their techniques to craft incense with a pure and natural woody aroma, reminiscent of the fresh woodland breeze. The brand’s commitment to locally-sourced materials is also evident in their packaging, artisanally made from Cedarwood, sustainably harvested from the Nikko region.

Editor's Note:

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and Hattando embodies this philosophy with scents that are pure and authentic, with no frills or distractions."

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