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Kyukyodo, one of Japan's oldest incense houses, embodies a philosophy where the customer reigns supreme - reflected in the name of their store, which translates to "The Store Belongs To The Customer." For over 900 years, Kyukyodo has used the same natural ingredients learnt from recipes dating back to the Heian period, while also collaborating with renowned fragrance makers to develop modern blends with Western-inspired floral nuances and clean musk. To date, Kyukyodo has become a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship, not only in incense making, but also in writing materials and fine paper that are deeply rooted in the rich traditions of Japanese culture.

Editor's Note:

"It's hard to forget the first inhalation of intoxicating clean musk, beautifully juxtaposed with a deep, medicinal, and earthy emergence as one opens a box of Kyukyodo Incense. Once lit, one is instantly transported to a realm that straddles the boundary between novelty and nostalgia."

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