Adding Colours to Tradition

Homage to Kyoto

In 1994, Kousaido emerged on the incense-making scene as a young and vibrant Japanese brand, reimagining the ancient art of incense through the lens of modern perfumery. Each of Kousaido’s creations pays homage to the rich and enduring culture of Kyoto, reflected in every detail from its scent composition to packaging and storytelling. Like the city it calls home, Kousaido seamlessly blends the old and the new, with the Scenic Beauty series offering a glimpse into the past, and the Hanga collections celebrating the beauty of the present.

Editor's Note:

"Imaginative and daring, yet nuanced and poetic. At the heart of Kousaido’s colourful creations is the warm embrace of sandalwood, that lends both a modern charm and a nostalgic finesse to one’s space."

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