Editor's Note

"As the raw resin material varies, the scent of Kyara takes on subtle differences with each batch."

Behind The Creation

Kyara Supreme

Kyara, known as "Precious" in ancient Japanese, denotes the highest grade of Agarwood within the traditional Japanese incense-making hierarchy. Originating from specific regions of Vietnam, Kyara matures within Aquilaria trees, infused with mould, insect activities, and other natural phenomena like lightning strikes over the decades. Kousaido's Kyara Supreme continues the investigation to evoke the multi-dimensional aromatic profile of this precious wood by incorporating a recipe of rare resins and spices, rather than relying on the sole prominence of Kyara. The incense sticks are hand cut in small batches and housed in a Paulownia box which enhances their natural fragrance over time.

How To Use


Indulging in the essence of incense is an effortless experience. Simply click on the icons below to discover the meticulous step-by-step process of burning an incense stick.

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Atmospheric Dream

Rooted in nostalgic memories, Atmosphere curates a modest yet meaningful collection of contemporary incense guided by a genuine connection to our past and to embrace incense as an art, a lifestyle, and a means to cultivate an intentional atmosphere in our surroundings.

The Art of Sharing

The core of Atmosphere is centered around the act of sharing, whether it’s knowledge, inspiration, or simply the joy of indulging in a pleasant aroma. As we hope to inspire our community to embrace this beautiful habit, we offer a complimentary wrapping service for all orders - an added pleasure for the receiver, or yourself, to slowly unveil.

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