Editor's Note

"Kyukyodo’s rendition of Kyara showcases a nuanced and woody character, with an almost candy-like sweetness that forms an impression of lightness amidst its profundity."

Behind The Creation


Among Japanese incense woods, Kyara is the name reserved for the most superior grade of Agarwood, exclusively obtained from the pristine woodlands of Vietnam, celebrated for its light, yet ultra-complex aromatic profile. However, increasing demand over the years has posed challenges in procuring sustainable Kyara, resulting in limited availability. Kyukyodo’s Kyara seeks to capture the essence of this sacred incense wood in a contemporary presentation, using a modest amount of Agarwood, Sandalwood, and other aromatic substitutes that offers a sustainable supply for daily indulgence.

How To Use


Indulging in the essence of incense is an effortless experience. Simply click on the icons below to discover the meticulous step-by-step process of burning an incense stick.

Illustrations © けい for Atmosphere, 2023

Atmospheric Dream

Rooted in nostalgic memories, Atmosphere curates a modest yet meaningful collection of contemporary incense guided by a genuine connection to our past and to embrace incense as an art, a lifestyle, and a means to cultivate an intentional atmosphere in our surroundings.

The Art of Sharing

The core of Atmosphere is centered around the act of sharing, whether it’s knowledge, inspiration, or simply the joy of indulging in a pleasant aroma. As we hope to inspire our community to embrace this beautiful habit, we offer a complimentary wrapping service for all orders - an added pleasure for the receiver, or yourself, to slowly unveil.

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